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Looking for a new way to drive online traffic to your hotel’s website?  Well, we have the answer for you.  We’re Lodging Interactive and we have designed the eCalendar, which can be found at  This innovative, cost-effective marketing tool is the perfect way to increase your visibility on the search engines and to promote your hotel.  The eCalendar provides rich content to guests with information about your destination local events as well as packages you may be offering in connection with these events.  This content gives you a greater opportunity to increase your rankings in the search engines thereby being more visible to your customers.  You can also merchandise your packages which can help with online sales.

Adding an eCalendar that provides information about your destination local events is a great way to attract business.  Many people will often check out the events that are taking place in the area they plan to visit.  By doing a search for these events guests can be drawn to your website if you have them listed in your calendar.  These additional search terms can help maximize your search engine optimization potential. 

In addition to adding destination local events to your calendar you can also add information about packages you’re offering in conjunction with the events.  Not only will this help in driving customers to your site but it will also help in marketing your packages and help to increase online bookings.  You will have a greater chance of increasing your sales if you can offer guests a great deal that coincides with the events they’re looking to attend because everyone loves a great deal.

eCalendars are easy to set up and manage and they can have the same look as your website.  Once you enroll your account will be set up within five business days.  As soon as the account is set up you’re ready to begin entering your destination local events.  We don’t give you any complicated software to download.  All you have to do is log onto your account and start inputting your data.  As the information about local events and your hotel packages is input it will be automatically submitted to the search engines through our technology.  If time and resources are an issue then we can do it for you.  We will research your market and develop a customized calendar for your hotel.  In addition we will maintain it and make sure it’s always up to date.  We will also monitor the calendar to make sure your packages are always in synch with your event listings.   

The eCalendar is extremely cost effective.  We charge $195 for the initial account set up and then the charge is $99 a month.  We wanted to make this product affordable for even the smallest hotels.  You won’t find a better marketing tool for the price.  The optimization potential and merchandising opportunity is excellent.  Visit us at and enroll today.



Search Engine Optimized to Increase Organic Search Engine Positioning

Search Engines love fresh content. With eCalendars all hotel packages and local events will be submitted to the Search Engines, improving your overall organic Search Engine positioning.

Power Your Site with Content to Increase Sales Conversions

As an option, you can place your eCalendar link on your website so that guests can review upcoming local events and packages as they surf your site. By providing local event information months in advance and merchandising your packages, you will increase your online sales.

Easy Implementation – Easy to Get Started

Your own eCalendar account will be set up within five business days and our simple to understand Users Guide will walk you through the process of entering your events and packages.


Affordable for Even the Smallest of Properties

Hotel Calendars is only $99 per month, with a $195 set up fee. That’s it. Click below to get started.

We also offer a fully managed eCalendar service. To save time and resources, we will research your market and develop your annual calendar of events. We will work with you to make sure your packages are updated and in sync with your events.



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