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A hotel eCalendar is a great way to help market your hotel and improve your search engine rankings.  At Lodging Interactive we have designed the perfect hotel eCalendar for all hotels to use.  Our website, provides all the information you need to get started.  It’s simple and quick and an ideal marketing opportunity. 

We use the hotel eCalendar as a search engine marketing tool which can provide your hotel with a way to be found in the search engines when potential customers search for local events in and around your hotel’s location.  We know that guests like to make their travel plans based on events in the area they are visiting, as well as events that may be hosted by your hotel.  With an eCalendar your guests can easily see what’s coming up and choose their travel dates accordingly.  In addition, a great way to really increase online bookings is to create specials and packages that coincide with the listings on your calendar.  This way you are not only providing your guests with important information but you are also providing them with great deals as well.  Your calendar events and your specials will all be submitted to the search engines through our technology.  This will help increase your internet rankings in the search engines. 

Our hotel eCalendar is so user friendly and it takes minutes to get started.  Simply visit and enroll online.  Once you enroll we will set up your account within five business days.  Once the account is set up you can begin loading your data.  For your convenience there’s no software to download.  You just log into your account and you’re ready to go.  However, if time and resources are an issue for you we can manage the calendar for you.  Our staff will research your market for upcoming local events and load them into your calendar.  We will make sure your packages are kept up to date and that they’re in synch with your events.  To get started we require a $195 set up fee and then it’s only $99 a month.  It’s affordable for any hotel and it’s well worth the money for the results you’ll see.  Just look on our website and you’ll see proof that our hotel eCalendar works.   

Any hotel that’s advertising online wants to drive more traffic to their website and increase their presence within the search engines.  For a small fee and minimal maintenance our product can help you do this.  Check out our website and let’s get started.



Search Engine Optimized to Increase Organic Search Engine Positioning

Search Engines love fresh content. With eCalendars all hotel packages and local events will be submitted to the Search Engines, improving your overall organic Search Engine positioning.

Power Your Site with Content to Increase Sales Conversions

As an option, you can place your eCalendar link on your website so that guests can review upcoming local events and packages as they surf your site. By providing local event information months in advance and merchandising your packages, you will increase your online sales.

Easy Implementation – Easy to Get Started

Your own eCalendar account will be set up within five business days and our simple to understand Users Guide will walk you through the process of entering your events and packages.


Affordable for Even the Smallest of Properties

Hotel Calendars is only $99 per month, with a $195 set up fee. That’s it. Click below to get started.

We also offer a fully managed eCalendar service. To save time and resources, we will research your market and develop your annual calendar of events. We will work with you to make sure your packages are updated and in sync with your events.



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