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If you’re in the hotel business you’re probably always looking for new and innovative ways to increase sales and revenue.  If you want a great SEO tool for hotel marketing then look no further than Lodging Interactive’s eCalendar.  This is the latest and greatest in interactive marketing and it can be found on  It offers so many wonderful advantages in online advertising.  It’s easy, affordable and will increase your online visibility with the major search engines.  This is an opportunity you just can’t pass up. 

The eCalendar is a cost effective events calendar that we’ve built for hotel websites.  It’s the perfect SEO tool for the hotel industry.  It can help maximize your website’s organic search engine optimization potential while driving search engine traffic to your website.  As a search engine marketing tool, the eCalendar provides a way for your hotel to be found in the search engines when guests do searches for local events in your area.  By providing event listings on the calendar you are giving guests a greater opportunity to find your hotel. 

Not only can you provide information about local events or events occurring at your hotel on the eCalendar but you can also include information regarding specials and packages that center around such events.  Any information you provide is submitted to the search engines through our technology and will improve your overall organic search engine rankings.  In addition, by providing specials and packages on your calendar you are merchandising your hotel and increasing the odds of guests booking with you.  In the end you will enjoy a rise in online sales.  What other SEO tool for hotel advertising can do that for you?

Another great benefit of the eCalendar is that we have made it affordable for even the smallest hotels and it is so easy to manage.  Initially we charge a $195 set up fee to get your account up and running.  After that it’s only $99 a month.  That’s a small price for the service you get as well as the potential to significantly increase hotel sales.  We offer two ways to manage the eCalendar.  You can either manage it yourself after we give you a quick tutorial or we can manage it for you.  When we manage it we will research the events in your area and input them for you and also make sure any packages you offer are kept current.  If you’re short on time and resources then it’s the perfect option.

Our eCalendar is by far a great development as an SEO tool for hotel interactive marketing.  It’s innovative, user friendly and cost-effective and is sure to maximize your visibility in the major search engines.  If you’re looking for a great way to drive more traffic to your hotel’s website you’ve found it.  Visit our website and sign up today.



Search Engine Optimized to Increase Organic Search Engine Positioning

Search Engines love fresh content. With eCalendars all hotel packages and local events will be submitted to the Search Engines, improving your overall organic Search Engine positioning.

Power Your Site with Content to Increase Sales Conversions

As an option, you can place your eCalendar link on your website so that guests can review upcoming local events and packages as they surf your site. By providing local event information months in advance and merchandising your packages, you will increase your online sales.

Easy Implementation – Easy to Get Started

Your own eCalendar account will be set up within five business days and our simple to understand Users Guide will walk you through the process of entering your events and packages.


Affordable for Even the Smallest of Properties

Hotel Calendars is only $99 per month, with a $195 set up fee. That’s it. Click below to get started.

We also offer a fully managed eCalendar service. To save time and resources, we will research your market and develop your annual calendar of events. We will work with you to make sure your packages are updated and in sync with your events.



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